How online shopping and pick up works



Shop our online store and build your shopping cart based on what’s available. Pay for your order via the online checkout. If you choose to pay by check, there will be a secure place to drop a check when you pick up your food.


Come to the Farm Stand located just off of Scotts Hill Loop Road to pick up your order during your pickup window. For orders placed by Tuesday 9:00am, your pick up window runs from Wednesday 9:00am-Friday 8:00pm. For orders placed by Friday 9:00am, your pick up window runs from Saturday 9:00am-Tuesday 8:00pm. At the end of the three day period, if you haven’t picked up your order without letting us know about any complications, we will have take it from the farm stand and donate it. This is to ensure we have enough room for the next week’s orders. If you can’t pick up within 3 days for some reason just let us know.



Upon arrival you will find chest freezers and a reach in glass door refrigerator containing your order.

For produce: Our glass front refrigerator will have a box with your name on it containing your produce and/or eggs. If possible, please leave the box and take your produce and eggs.

For meat: find the freezer with the letter range that the first letter of your last name falls under. Your meat will be in a plastic bag with your name labeled on it.


Enjoy your food and tell your friends! We want to make the online shopping and pick up experience as flawless and convenient as possible. If you love it, tell someone!

Our Farm Stand is located at 1247 Scotts Hill Loop Road in Wilmington NC, 28411